Are you feeling lost? Discouraged? Unheard? Do you need a place to just be yourself, away from the crazy pressures of our rapidly changing world? Forge is for you. We Care. Forge offers a relaxed, easy zone to hang out and talk with other teens and professionals from our Colorado Springs community while engaging in a program that will allow you to live your best life!

Are you beefing up your college resume? Preparing to get a job? Ready to take control of your life as you become an adult? Forge can help! We offer a variety of drop-in classes that will help you gain great skills to set you up for success now and later on in life!

How you might be feeling

We're here to help.

Built for you. Built to live your best life.

What the heck is Forge? How does it tie into the emotions above? Why Forge was developed?

Easy to get started

Forge offers a relaxed, easy zone to hang out and be yourself with other teens and adults from our city. All while being a part of the program that will allow you to grow and take part in new things in a safe place.

On your own terms

Forge Evolution vows to never turn you away or judge you. We want to meet you and know you, where you are, as you are. No commitments.

Come once, every week

Forge Evolution does not need you to "plan" to come see us; our doors are open for you, and your friends, to stop by and Forge your Future, when you want.

Better over time

The more you come, the more you can gain: Positive self, friends, skills that will help you in a tough spot, and friendships that will open new doors for your future.


Teen Court

Classes, panels, and trials | Times & dates vary

Forge Evolution

Mondays | Drop-ins welcome | Dinner & snacks provided

Get involved & volunteer

Want to give back and help other teens? Forge Evolution offers lots of volunteer spots for you to help other kids who may be struggling to deal with the ups and downs that come with being a teen.