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Forge Evolution empowers youth to develop resiliency through inspiration, accountability, and connection to create a stronger community. 

Teen Court

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Forge Evolution

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Empowering youth. Forging community.

In 2019, Forge Evolution staff & board members began looking into the needs of the teens to see if there were programs available to help with those needs. Teen Court made the decision to grow our programs. We still have Teen Court but now we also can work with youth before they are in contact with police. Forge Evolution provides prevention programs & resiliency training to youth between the ages of 10-19.

The Forge Evolution Program

The Forge Evolution program, or as we call it, 'Forge', is a come-as-you-can evening that provides different programs each week to local youth. This 12-week program brings in local nonprofits and businesses to teach youth about their cool work- drones, CPR & first aid, pets and dog fun, budgeting & financial planning, pottery and much more in two-hour program on Monday evenings. It continues EVERY MONDAY!

this program gave teenagers the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and grow

– A participant upon finishing the Teen Court program

Forging connection.

The Forge Program isn’t just here for teens! We serve our parents as well by teaching their kids about owning up to your mistakes, having a listening ear, and growing to be their best self through different programs. These skills allow you & your child to communicate easier, discuss difficult situations you teen is dealing with, and bring a sense of community into your own home.

Empowering parents

Forge Evolution provides the knowledge and help every parental figure needs to connect with their teen, as a family and as a friend.

Engaging youth

Forge Evolution recognizes each and every youth we see as the amazing, unique individual they are! We want to make sure Colorado Springs teens have the tools they need to be the best they can be!

We are more than defendants.

We are (still) Teen Court.

Forge Evolution is not leaving the Teen Court program behind, but rather keeping it as one of 2 main programs. As Forge Evolution expands to serve a greater number of youth, the Teen Court program continues to help teens who come in contact with police. Our hope is for the Teen Court program & the Forge program to work together – one program for those needing structured support and one for those needing support at a pace they set.

Meet Robert
One-time defendant and full-time son​.

Referred to the Teen Court program for possession of marijuana in 2019, Robert is a 14 year old who made a mistake. Listen to his story about his time with the Teen Court program and what he thought about his classes.

Join the evolution.

So you’re interested in Forge Evolution but don’t know where to start? There are so many ways to get involved and support Forge Evolution as we serve our community. 


Your donation helps Forge Evolution give teens and their families the ability to take our programs at a cost their family can afford.

$50 can provide...

scholarships for a teen to go through a Teen Court class

$100 can provide...

five sessions of our Forge program

$500 can provide...

best practice training to our 180+ volunteers


Volunteering with Forge Evolution programs allow you to work with other teens and give back to the community.

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